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Love Thy Neighbor (2017)

Anthony, a young man on his way to a big meeting at work, discovers vandalism on his neighbor’s front door and must decide whether to do something about it or make it to work on time.​

Winner, Best Student Short - Kansas City Film Fest 2017

Winner, Fred G. Andrews Emerging Filmmakers Award - Kansas City Film Fest 2017

Official Selection - First Friday Film Festival Kansas City

Official Selection - DC Black Film Festival

Written, Directed, and Edited by

Robert Brogden

Produced by

Robert Brogden

Director of Photography

Micko Davis


Ananzi Galileo


Anthony is a career-driven young man who lives on a rigid schedule. When he discovers a racial slur scrawled across his neighbor’s front door, he must make a choice as to whether he will be late to work or do something about it. Ultimately, he buys the supplies necessary to paint over the vandalism and just as he locks his door on the way out to finally head into work, his neighbor comes out, none the wiser.

Love Thy Neighbor is a story about little victories. In contrast to typical portrayals of Black men in American media, Anthony is not a martyr. He is a 9-to-5 accountant who saw something wrong, and sacrificed being on time to work in order to right this wrong. This film was completed as part of the Production I class at the Colorado Film School, Fall 2016. 


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