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Six Nights (2020)

A restaurant dishwasher is given a last-minute chance to step up as a line cook just before a busy Saturday night dinner service.

WINNER - Student Visionary Award, Tribeca Film Festival 2021

Semifinalist - Student Academy Awards 2020

Official Selection - Austin Film Festival 2020

Official Selection - Denver Film Festival 2020

Official Selection - Sidewalk Film Festival 2020

Winner - Grand Jury Prize, Film Invasion Los Angeles 2021

Winner - Filmmakers Award, Film Invasion Los Angeles 2021

Winner - Audience Award, Film Invasion Los Angeles 2021

Written, Directed, and Edited by

Robert Brogden

Produced by

Robert Brogden

Kelley Zincone

Izrael Lopez

Director of Photography

Dylan Krause

Production Design

Emmy Platt

Original Score

Alex Preston


Daniel Ruiz

Adam S. Ford

Nicole Esteban


Diego works as a dishwasher at The Alameda Grill. When a line cook doesn't show up for work just before a busy Saturday night dinner service, Diego is given a chance to step up and take his place. However, there’s a catch: he must also continue to tend to his duties as a dishwasher, all in hopes of getting home on time to see his daughter. Between his new position on salad station, his old position in the dish pit, and his daughter at home alone, he quickly realizes he may have bittenoff more than he can chew.

Six Nights was completed as part of the Production III class at the Colorado Film School, Spring & Fall 2019. It was funded in part by a successful crowdfunding campaign using the platform Seed & Spark. My own work experiences in a kitchen, as well as difficulties balancing personal and professional life, were critical elements to the creation of this film. A very early draft of the script featured a large ensemble cast, but during the writing process I kept finding myself so drawn to the dishwasher trying to get home to his daughter, and before long I realized the film was truly his. I was eager to tell the story of a character that’s usually in the background instead of front and center. Despite Diego's ambition to better himself and his situation, his agency is ultimately limited by his economic and social status, which is a relatable experience to many people.

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